The Official Carnival 66 Jingle

Official Jingle Lyrics So whats the Code..66 Whats the code 2020

So whats the code 66

Whats the code 2020


Carnival again

And we ready for 66

Double party triple the bubble

Come and get your fix


We celebratin

Carnival is back again


Point forward cuz forward we goin

Point forward only forward we goin

Point forward revelers on the road

Point forward


Now tell me

Song Credits:

Singer: Galloway
Componer : Galloway & Rocky Everon
Arranger : Rocky Everon
Recorded at Toolbox Dominionz
Genre : Soca (Bouyon)

Musicalization :

Guitar Eli Kock
Bass Harvey Agunbero
Brass - Zavala
Drums Emile Barry
Backup Vocals : Jair Vesprey & Maryann Rodriguez
Mix and Mastered by Karixon


Ruben Garcia
Exclusive sponsor RBC Royal Bank