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Stichting Maneho Aruba Carnaval
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New Board Stichting Maneho di Aruba su Carnaval (SMAC)


On 1st October SMAC was introduced to it’s new Board Members. As independent members we have Mrs. Zuleika Wever, Mr. Jason Brown and Mr. Ron Refunjol. Representing Grupo Uni (organization representing all Carnival Groups), we have Mr. Darren van Ommeren, Mr. Robert “Boedoem” Brown, Mrs. Betzabeth Rasmijn and Mrs. Indira Tromp. From MUSICA (organization representing musicians in Aruba), we have Mrs. Ingrid Richardson, Mr. Ivor Lee, Mrs. Kiala Kock and Mrs. Kathleen Green.

In front of SMAC’s Supervisory Board, outgoing president of SMAC, Mrs. Shannon Henriquez and representative of notary, election occurred to stipulate various positions in Board of SMAC. Results are as follows:


President: Mr. Jason Brown

Vice – President: Mr. Darren van Ommeren

Treasurer: Mrs. Kiala Kock

2nd Treasurer: Mrs. Indira Tromp

Secretary: Mrs. Zuleika Wever

2nd Secretary: Mrs. Betzabeth Rasmijn

This new board has the assignment to lead Aruba’s Carnival for the following 2 years, together with all Board Members